Student Activity Centre

The Student Activity Centre (SAC), a model facility housing the student body of J.B. Institute of Engineering & Technology was started in the academic year 2002-2003 and has been successfully indulging in student activities since then. To ensure overall development of every student, SAC provides for all the required facilities. SAC is successfully running under the expert guidance of Dr.J.Kartigeyan, Dean Student Affairs and Mr. Lakkarsu Krishna, SAC coordinator.

Governing Body of SAC consists of three divisions namely the Council of Executives and the Resource Council, and the General Body which are headed by a President, who also aids and advises the Staff Advisor in discharge of his duties. The General Body consists of first time members drawn from all disciplines on offer in this Institute.

Being true to its name SAC exhibits high levels of professionalism, and run on a highly revered Constitution, which aims at “Providing the students opportunities for overall personality development with the emphasis on leadership qualities and the spirit of service."

SAC, regarding student affairs, functions as the policy making body which formulates its policies based on the demands and aspirations of the Student Body. Council of Executives is involved in the execution and implementation of these policies and is accountable to the SAC.

SAC stands to uphold and protect the unity and integrity of the Institute, to Promote harmony and spirit of brotherhood amongst all its members. SAC strives for excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity so that its members constantly rise to higher levels of endeavour and achievement, and to develop scientific temper, humanism, and spirit of inquiry and reform.

Organized by SAC, a number of literary and social activities take place on the campus throughout the year. 'INXS' is one of the biggest events of the Institute every year. The Council of Executives for the Academic year of 2008-2019 has a distinction of organizing INXS. In addition, music festivals and other cultural festivals are organized regularly.

Students can join various clubs existing like Music Club, Photography Club, and Literary Club. Efforts are on towards starting new clubs say Astronomy Club, Amateur Radio Club, Environment Club etc.

SAC has also been indulged in community service in the name of N.S.S.








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