Vision & Goals

  •  To faster cooperation and fellowship among its members

  • To participate in activities contributing to improvement of infrastructure & Academic activities of JBIET

  • To promote the academic and professional development of members through activities, courses, seminars, conferences and any other activities as the Committee may decide to organize

  • To institute prizes and scholarships to students-for merit, and financial aid to the poor and deserving students of the JBIET

  • To communicate the activities of the institution and alumni

  • To offer benefits to its members and seek ways of advancing their interests; and to contribute to the economic development of the country, through the dissemination of new concepts in science and technology, advance managenent techniques and other useful information.

  • To network with other similar organizations or societies and industry for the futherance of education and training.Any other activities that the general body may decide from time to time.

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