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Institutional Distinctiveness

Academic Excellence and Societal Consciousness

J B Institute of Engineering and Technology has been achieving academic excellence through student outcomes and faculty contributions. The institution in its crest for excellence has been continuously interacting with industry, research organisations, and premier academic institutions to provide quality engineering education. Besides this, the role of an educational institution for societal development has been in the top of the agenda of the institution.

JBIET students are creating a poster to educate the uneducated on the digital services

The student volunteers design a few posters and to demonstrate the process of several digital services to the people. The demonstration of digital services through posters is an effective way to educate the people.

JBIET students at Gift a Book program.

Gift a Book concept has been well appreciated by many people such academicians, and administrators. The student volunteers of this outreach program did a lot of hard work in collecting books from various people and distributing them to children.

The higher-ups of the JBIET visiting the Gift a Book stall and taking a glipmpse of the books.

In this outreach program, the books are collected from various sources and segregated based on the children’s needs. Then, the books are distributed to the children.

The members of faculty and the students distributing books to the children.

Usually, a team of JBIET faculty and students go to nearby villages, gather children and tell them the importance of reading a book. The young children get

A formal inaguaration of Blood Donation Camp by the higher-ups of JBIET.

The higher-ups of JBIET in the inagural session, addressed the students how well they can help the others by donating blood. Donting blood is an important social service by which other people’s lives are saved. All the sudents are motivated to donate the blood and many of them came forward to donate the blood in this outreach program.

Sri J.V. Krishna Rao, Secretary, JBES handing over a cheque to Hon’ble IT Minister, Telangana, Sri K T Rama Rao

The JBIET faculty and students promoted the plantation of saplings extensively. The faculty encouraged their students to plant as many as saplings. Even the students also participated in this program and planted several samplings in and around the college campus.

The members of faculty from JBIET are planting a sapling

To sum up, J. B. Institute Engineering and Technology is keen to take responsibility in organising several societal activities in which the students are exposed to the real-world issues. The task of societal activities is an important learning opportunity for the students to see the problems of society and solve them with engineering aptitude. Thus, JBIET is not just an institution to achieve learning outcomes of the students through curriculum but also a place where students work closely with the society for learning by practice for holistic development.

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