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Since the inception of the first batch of Data Science in the year 2021, the department has been on an exhilarating journey of growth and discovery at JB Institute of Engineering and Technology (JBIET). From its humble beginnings to its current stature, the department has evolved into a dynamic hub of intellectual exchange and groundbreaking research. And at the heart of this transformation lies the Data Wranglers Club, a shining beacon of innovation within the JBIET community.

Nestled within the vibrant academic tapestry of JBIET, the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Group emerges as a catalyst for trans-formative innovation at the intersection of AI and data science. From its inception, this group has been a driving force in harnessing cutting-edge technologies to tackle real-world challenges and foster academic excellence.

Formed as a response to the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and industry demands, the group has become a catalyst for interdisciplinary collaboration and cutting-edge research. It serves as a melting pot of diverse talents, bringing together students, faculty, and industry experts in a synergistic environment.

At the heart of this group's mission lies a commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. Through a myriad of initiatives including workshops, seminars, and hands-on projects, members of the group engage in deep dives into the latest developments in AI and data science, honing their skills and pushing the envelope of innovation.

Moreover, the group serves as a platform for fostering connections and forging partnerships both within the JBIET community and beyond. By nurturing a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing, it seeks to empower its members to make meaningful contributions to society and industry.

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology, the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Group at JBIET stand.



Dr. Kavuri Roshan - Head of Department (HOD), Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

Dr. Kavuri Roshan is an accomplished academician and researcher with a passion for driving excellence in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. With a diverse educational background culminating in a PhD in Computer Science & Engineering from Sri Satya Sai University of Technology and Medical Sciences (SSSUTMS), Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Dr. Roshan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as the Head of Department (HOD) for Artificial Intelligence & Data Scienc`e at our institution.

Educational Background:

- PhD in Computer Science & Engineering, SSSUTMS

- M.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering, JNTUH

- B.E. in Electronics & Communication Engineering, Andhra University

Professional Memberships:

Dr. Roshan is a Life Member of the Computer Society of India (MCSI) and has held various leadership positions within academic institutions, including serving as the Chairman of the Board of Studies (BOS) for different departments at our institution.

Administrative Expertise:

With a robust administrative skill set, Dr. Roshan has contributed significantly to various accreditation processes such as AICTE, NAAC & NBA, and has played a pivotal role in steering the department towards excellence in both academics and research.


Driven by a vision of fostering innovation and nurturing talent, Dr. Roshan is committed to providing a conducive learning environment for students and fostering interdisciplinary research collaborations within the department.


Ph: 9949106818         ​     E-mail:  hod.ai_ds@jbiet.edu.in 

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