CSI Student Chapter

The JBIET CSI Student Chapter was formed in 2010 in the spirit of providing students resources and contacts needed for the enhancement of their professional development. It provides friendly competitions, tours of cutting-edge facilities and a venue to meet and speak with some of the most important working professionals. It is intended to provide a platform for students to display as well as enhance their skills. CSI membership provides many programs and presents yet another chance for students to stay a step ahead on the path to their chosen fields.

Chapter hopes to create an environment where all students can learn to effectively develop and use technology both for improving their own career prospects and for the benefit of humanity.

It has been playing an effective role in shaping and developing responsible Engineers of tomorrow. It has been conducting regular training programs like group workshops, seminars, Contests, industrial visits and a lot more. This website contains a record of all the activities of the Student Chapter.

About Us


The Computer Society of India is a non-Profit professional meet to exchange views and information learn and share ideas. The wide spectrum of members is committed to the advancement of the theory and practice of Computer Engineering and Technology Systems, Science and Engineering, Information Processing and related Arts and Sciences. The Society also encourages and assists professionals to maintain the integrity and competence of the profession and fosters a sense of partnership amongst members. Besides the activities held at the Chapters and Student Branches, the Society also conducts periodic conferences, seminars, etc.

The Students of the Departments Information Technology and Computer Science and Engineering are actively involved in professional and Technical Society. The Student chapter of Computer Society of India has been established in the Institute with the 86 students as members of CSI to actively promote the professional activities in the Institute. The Details of the CSI student chapter is as follows

S No
Students Members
Information Technology
Computer Science &Engineering


Benefits on joining CSI JBIET Chapter are

  • E-Access to all CSI journals.
  • Special discounts at all CSI events all over India
  • Special training sessions and rigorous workshops on latest tools and technologies and technical paper writing.
  • Concessional rates for CSI Conferences and Tutorials for student members. 
  • Opportunity for students to interact with Industry professionals and chalk out a career path. 
  • Eligibility to publish articles in CSI communications and Transactions for student members. 
  • Eligibility to be nominated for the best Student paper in CSI communications. 
  • Invitation for chapter meetings to students. 
  • Eligibility for students to be nominated for Young IT Professional award. 
  • CSI Certification and Training programs at discounted rates for students.

About CSI

Computer Society of India is the largest association of IT professionals in India. Started in the year 1965 with less than 50 likeminded professionals as a computer user group. Today, the CSI has 66 chapters all over India, 381 student branches, and more than 40,000 members, including India’s most famous IT industry leaders, brilliant scientists and dedicated academicians. Now, you have the opportunity to be a part of this distinguished fraternity too.

The mission of the CSI is to facilitate research, knowledge sharing, learning and career enhancement for all categories of IT professionals, while simultaneously inspiring and nurturing new entrants into the industry and helping them to integrate into the IT community. The CSI is also working closely with other industry associations, government bodies and academia to ensure that the benefits of IT advancement ultimately percolate down to every single citizen of India.

The Computer Society of India regularly Organizes workshops, seminars conventions, and technical talks for the benefit of professionals and users of IT apart from conducting continuing education and professional development programmes for a focussed audience of budding professionals, researchers and students. The CSI Annual Conventions are held in different cities across India. The other leading examples of national/international conferences include BIG, COMAD, ConSEG, COMNET, ConfER etc. Among these, the National Conferences on Education and Research (ConfER) are the latest addition since the 2007-08 academic year.


JBIET is an Educational Institution member of Computer Society of India, with 3 Faculty Nominee members
Educational Institution Membership Number: 101450

Governing Body


Chief Advisor
Dr.Niraj Upadhyaya
Student Branch Counsellor  
K.Reddi Prasad
Vice President
Sushmita Sripada
General Secretary
Joint Secretary
A.Vikram Sai
Deputy Secretary
Suhas Reddy
G.Vamsi Krishna

CSI faculty advisers

Ch.Srinivasulu Assoc.Professor & HOD IT

G.Srinivasulu Assoc. Professor & HOD CSE

ExeCom Members

B.R Sadanand


E.Santosh Kumar

C R Aditya Goud

Sneha Tiwary


M Arun Kumar Yadav





Ashish Pandey


B.Madhavi Devi, Associate Prof, Dept of CSIT
Sanjay Jacob Kumar, Associate Prof, Dept of CSIT




Membership No
 Branch Membership No
Branch Membership No
01082697 Mr Reddi Prasad Koneni CSIT  ¾ 01082727 Mr Balaji D CSIT   ¾ 01082757 Ms Sravani R CSIT  ²/4
01082698 Ms Sushmita Sripada CSIT  ¾ 01082728 Mr Rakesh K CSIT   ¾ 01082758 Ms Supraja T CSIT  ²/4
01082699 Mr Vamsi Krishna Gogulamudi CSIT  ¾ 01082729 Ms Madhuri P CSIT   ¾ 01082759 Ms Navatarika Singh CSIT  ²/4
01082700 Mr Raviteja P CSIT  ¾ 01082730 Mr Mohan R CSIT   ¾ 01082760 Ms Sharada M CSIT  ²/4
01082701 Mr Ravi A.P.K CSIT   ¾ 01082731 Mr Nithin Kumar K CSIT   ¾ 01082761 Ms Divija Thota CSIT  ²/4
01082702 Mr Siva Ganesh Kottana CSIT   ¾ 01082732 Mr Kranthi Kumar K CSIT   ¾ 01082762 Mr Vikram Sai A CSIT  ²/4
01082703 Mr Sravan Kumar Kastoori CSIT   ¾ 01082733 Mr Prasanna Kumar B CSIT   ¾ 01082763 Ms Jyothsna D CSIT  ²/4
01082704 Mr Venkatesh Babu Kanchumarthi CSIT   ¾ 01082734 Mr Koushik L CSIT   ¾ 01082764 Ms Naimisha K CSIT  ²/4
01082705 Mr Santhosh Kumar Eppapula CSIT   ¾ 01082735 Ms Arunavati N CSIT   ¾ 01082765 Ms Bhanusailaja Ch CSIT  ²/4
01082706 Mr Umesh Chandra Achanta CSIT   ¾ 01082736 Ms Lavanya R CSIT   ¾ 01082766 Mr Harish B CSIT  ²/4
01082707 Mr Saikiran T CSIT   ¾ 01082737 Ms Ramya K CSIT   ¾ 01082767 Ms Rajitha N CSIT  ²/4
01082708 Mr Sai Raghav Arram CSIT   ¾ 01082738 Ms Mounika M CSIT   ¾ 01082768 Mr Sadanand B.R CSIT  ²/4
01082709 Mr Sandeep Pustakala CSIT   ¾ 01082739 Ms Divya Reddy C CSIT   ¾ 01082769 Mr Ashish Kumar Pandey CSIT  ²/4
01082710 Mr Surender L CSIT   ¾ 01082740 Mr Aditya Goud C.R CSIT   ¾ 01082770 Mr Dhan Singh Rathore CSIT  ²/4
01082711 Mr Harshad Shaik CSIT   ¾ 01082741 Ms Nikitha M CSIT   ¾ 01082771 Mr Vishnusai Reddy G CSIT  ²/4
01082712 Mr Sudhakar A CSIT   ¾ 01082742 Ms Divya S CSIT   ¾ 01082772 Ms Swathi M CSIT  ²/4
01082713 Mr Rohit Pritam T.A CSIT   ¾ 01082743 Ms Manognya G CSIT   ¾ 01082773 Mr Madhu K CSIT  ²/4
01082714 Mr Siddhartha Rudra CSIT   ¾ 01082744 Ms Preethi P CSIT   ¾ 01082774 Mr Ravi Tejareddy M CSIT  ²/4
01082715 Mr Sharad S CSIT   ¾ 01082745 Ms Navya V CSIT   ¾ 01082775 Ms Bhavana P CSIT  ²/4
01082716 Ms Sravani Paritala CSIT   ¾ 01082746 Ms Gayatri D CSIT   ¾ 01082776 Ms Bhagya K CSIT  ²/4
01082717 Mr Varun Bhargav Gandam CSIT   ¾ 01082747 Mr Shravan N CSIT  ²/4 01082777 Mr Santhosh D CSIT  ²/4
01082718 Mr Harsha K.V CSIT   ¾ 01082748 Mr Sresai Suhas P CSIT  ²/4 01082778 Mr Karthik P CSIT  ²/4
01082719 Mr Sridhar Goggi CSIT   ¾ 01082749 Mr Umesh M CSIT  ²/4 01082779 Mr Arunkumar Yadav M CSIT  ²/4
01082720 Mr Tarun Kumar S CSIT   ¾ 01082750 Ms Shruthi Reddy S CSIT  ²/4 01082780 Mr Ajay Reddy D CSIT  ²/4
01082721 Mr Solman Raju Chille CSIT   ¾ 01082751 Ms Vijayalakshmi V CSIT  ²/4 01082781 Ms Santa Kumar K CSIT  ²/4
01082722 Mr Ahmed Hussain Qureshi CSIT   ¾ 01082752 Ms Vasavi Sanikommu CSIT  ²/4 01082782 Ms Lolitha Sreshta D CSIT  ²/4
01082723 Mr Laxman D CSIT   ¾ 01082753 Ms Kinjal Ranawat V CSIT  ²/4      
01082724 Mr Durga Prasad A CSIT   ¾ 01082754 Ms Sree Vidhya M CSIT  ²/4      
01082725 Mr Akhilesh Chiluka CSIT   ¾ 01082755 Ms Sneha Tiwary CSIT  ²/4      
01082726 Mr Karthik K.G CSIT   ¾ 01082756 Ms Spandana K CSIT  ²/4      


Governing Body

Chief Patron: Dr.V.V.Rao (Principal, JB Institute of Engineering & Technology)
Principal Staff Advisor: Mr B.V.K.Murthy (Associate Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering)
Principal Advisor & Mentor: Mr Anup Manasseh N (M.Tech CAD/CAM)
Advisor: Mr A. Harish (M.Tech CAD/CAM)
Mentor & Advisor: M. Priyamsh Reddy (IV yr CE)
Advisor & Counsellor: S.Nihar (IV yr CE)
Advisor (Operations & Administration) L. Lokesh Reddy (IV yr CE)
Council of Executives
President: B.Shiva Krishna (IV yr CE)
Vice President: R.Bala Chander (IV yr CE)
Secretary: T. Suman (III yr Bio-Tech)
Treasurer: Y.Sachin Kumar (IV yr EEE)
Joint Secretary (Planning) : G.Monica (III yr EEE)
Joint Secretary (Public Relations) : Humeira Fatima
Executive Resource Council:

Under Secretary Planning and Execution & Public Relations Ashwini (III yr Bio Tech)

Under Secretary-Cultural & Anti Ragging H. Avinash (II yr BT)

Under Secretary-Logistics and Production Md. Haroon Rasheed (III yr CE)

Resource Council:
Special Grade Deputy Secretaries:

Sindhu(II yr EEE)

Saniya (II yr Bio Tech)

Jilu Jolly(II yr Bio Tech)

Deputy Secretaries-Public Relations:

Sai Manasa (II yr IT)

Sneha T (II yr IT)

Jyothi (II yr Bio Tech )

Deputy Secretaries-Planning & Execution:

Hemanjali (II yr IT)

Sanjana (II yr BME)

Vikram Sai (II yr IT)

Deputy Secretaries-Recruitment:

Varsha (II yr IT)

Tanmayee (II yr EEE)

Sanskruthi M (II yr CSE)

Deputy Secretaries-Sponsorship:

Vidya (II yr IT)

Vishnu (II yr EEE)

Supraja (II yr IT)

Deputy Secretaries-Coordination:

Sneha G (II yr EEE)

Shakthi(II yr EEE)

Ramani (II yr EEE)

Deputy Secretaries-Logistics & Production:

Prashanth Ram (II yr EEE)

Rahul Gagapaga (II yr EEE)

Ravi Kishore (II yr EEE)

Deputy Secretaries-Anti Ragging: Rukhumuddin (II yr CSE)
Jaideep(II yr Bio Tech)
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