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The Department has well equipped and state of the art Engineering Physics & Chemistry Labs as per the JNTU norms, AICTE and NBA requirements for the First Year B.Tech students of all braches. The students have to complete atleast 12 experiments in 16 weeks. The Lab manuals are prepared by the faculty members and supplied to students. In the academic year 2005-2006 English lab is introduced in the syllabus by JNTU for all the branches in First Year Engg.
The English lab is established which includes English language lab (Phonetics) and Interactive Communication Skills lab with the total expenditure of 13 lakhs. The language lab focuses computer-aided multi-media instruments and leashes acquisition through a variety of self-instructional learner-friendly modes of language learning in phonetics, accent, intonation and Rhythm. The language lab provides the required exposure to face computer-based competitive exams such as GRE, TOEFL, & GMAF.

Interactive Communication Skills lab caters to the needs of the students in facing interviews, group discussion, public speaking, report writing, resume writing, format making and paper presentation. English lab builds up the confidence of the students to develop leadership qualifies through communicative competence.

Advanced English Communication Skills lab caters to the needs of the III B. Tech. students of all branches in preparing them for better Employability

Major Equipments

Department of English


Name of the Lab

Important Equipment


Multi-Media Language Laboratory



LCD Projector


30 Headsets with Microphones


K-Van Solutions- MELL
Software for Phonetics


Advanced English &
Communication Skills Lab

60 Computers


60 Headsets with Microphones


K-Van Solutions- AECS
Software for Advanced English & Communications Skills 




  1. Torisonal Pendulum
  2. R-C-Circuit Kit
  3. Laser Circuit Kit
  4. Spectrometers
  5. Travelling Microscopes
  6. Semi-conductor Characteristics Kit
  7. LCR- circuit Kit
  8. AC power supply, Sonometer
  9. LED and Laser Kit
  10. Di-electric constant Apparatus
  11. Stewart and  Gees’ Apparatus
  12. Fiber Optics Kit


  1. Digital Conductivity Meter
  2. Digital Photo colorimeter
  3. Digital potentiometer
  4. Ostwald’s viscometer
  5. Stalganometer
  6. Redwood viscometer
  7. Hot-plate with magnetic stirrer
  8. Digital Weighing Machine
  9. Analytical Balance
  10. Water Distillation Unit
Chemistry Labs
Physics Labs
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