About the Department

The Department of Information Technology (IT) was established in 1999-2000 with an Intake 60 for in Bachelor course in Information Technology.  This Branch is fast growing discipline and full of rigorous practical analysis. This Department has well equipped laboratories and logical reasoning is stressed in all practical applications. With highly talented faculty, the department boasts of a unique mode of learning, one that uses advanced aids of teaching. Students of this branch has fulfilled the promise kept on them by getting selection in some of the top notch of software/hardware companies of India like Satyam., Wipro, Infosys, Sierra Atlantic, MAQ Software, Cognizant a provides a high end computer System as an Am facilities to work on various platforms under the age is of well trained faculty.


Dr. S. Ravi Kumar Rao 

Phone: 9966623644   Email: hodit@jbiet.edu.in



Message from The Head of the Department

Competition is the law of the jungle.

Cooperation is the law of civilization.

Engineering education has long been viewed as important to the development process but undergraduate education is even more essential. Computer engineering education has grown very rapidly in India over the last three decades with the gradual rise of enrollment ratio. The growth has been in teaching rather than in research. Information Technology courses have seen the bulk of growth. The number of students enrolled in Information Technology have grown dramatically in the last few decades. The result is an abundance of computer engineers but raising their standard of quality is a pressing concern. The major challenge is quality in undergraduate programs.

Learning is central to innovation and learning largely happens in youth. Hence students in Information Technology discipline face a challenge. I strongly believe in students’ promise in their potential for great achievement. I have faith in their ability to excel in the software job market.


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