IT Integration in Examination Process

The Institution is continuously carrying out reforms in its Examination System through integration of IT in all the processed of the Examination Systems. The complete Examination System is automated  with implementation i Campus Examination Software, Students Examination Portal.

The processes related to the conduct of examinations, declaration of results and printing of certificates are controlled and monitored by the office of the Controller of Examinations of the Institution.

An in-house developed intranet based application is used for entry of Continuous Internal Evaluation marks, generation of detailed and consolidated reports of internal examination marks. 

The Examination System are run on high end Dell Power Edge R430, Dell Power Edge R240 rack servers. The i Campus Examination Software is caters for all the requirements of pre and post examination activities. Starting from the students profile entry  to generation of Provisional Certificates all the activities are automated. The OMR sheet generation, encoding of answer booklets, generation of nominal rolls is fully automated.

Scanning and result processing and generation of results reports including course wise and program wise pass percentages is done by i Campus examination Software.

Rack with two Examination 2 Servers


Student Examination Portal

The Student Examination Portal (SEP) is hosted internally. The registration for Examination and filling of revaluation forms can be done online using SEP. All the examination fee payments are to be made online only using SEP. Students can download examination fee receipts,  hall tickets online and print for them self. The Students Examination portal also offers facility to know the students performance in various semester on line. The details such as SGPA, CGPA of the

student can be accessed online using the portal. The results are also published in the Student Examination Portal. 

The IT integration in the examination process has made a positive impact on examination management. This has also lead to optimal utilization of resources, brought in accuracy in the total process and has helped in speeding up several activities.

The project viva-voce examinations are conducted through video-conferencing, to help the students attend the examination from their place of stay during the pandemic.

Student Examination Portal - Screenshot of Online Fee Payment


UG / PG Mid Marks Entry Portal

After the Conduction of each Mid / Lab / Project Exams, the students marks with respect to Mid Exams, Lab Exams & Project Exams will be entered in the UG / PG Marks entry portal.

In-house Developed Marks Entry Portal 

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