Vision And Mission

Vision / Mission of IIC established at the Institute


To promote a culture of entrepreneurship, by enhancing interaction with Industry, for the purpose of fulfilling the desires of JBIET student entrepreneurs with innovative ideas of social and economic relevance”


  • To maintain close interaction with Innovation driven Industries, especially in the area of Technology 4.0, environment protection, rural area support, and development of sustainable infrastructure.

  • To Develop provisions and facilities to empower students, and faculty to innovate, and prototype their potential ideas for the benefit of society.

  • To Create a conducive atmosphere to motivate young students towards Entrepreneurship via Industry Institute Interaction.

  • To Develop the necessary infrastructure and facilities to initiate venture start-ups

  • To Integrate entrepreneurial resources like financial, infrastructural, and government policy matters.

  • Creation of first-generation entrepreneurs in a conducive environment where budding entrepreneurs can venture into start-ups and realize the path for a successful.

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