Short/Long term goals

Short Term Goals

  1. To train and educate students to compete at global levels.
  2. To conduct faculty development programmes regularly for Continuous up gradation.
  3. To modernize all the laboratories.
  4. To Place teaching / tutorial material of each subject on the internet to enable students to browse at their own place of learning.
  5. To encourage the students to participate in social responsibility programmes.
  6. To conduct short-term courses for technical staff.

Long Term Goals

  1. To strive to become a Centre of Excellence in the field of Engineering and Technology.
  2. To foster industry institute interaction through dedicated project works and training programs.
  3. To make the students to effectively use the knowledge to conceptualize good designs.
  4. Motivate the students, to their full potential, in assimilation of the novel concepts to mould them into a world class Engineer.


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