Professional Bodies & Voluntary Organization

Professional Bodies

SME - JBIET is a student society formed under the department of Mining Engineering,J.B.Institute of Engineering and Technology with the sole objective of uniting the Mining engineers all over the nation and creating a new tech -revolution.we conduct technical fests , workshops etc for the Mining Engineering students and provides a platform for them to showcase their talents alongside developing their technical skills.We have framed a student's association having the legal authority and responsibility to as an official, incorporated, representative body for our members.We build credibility through transparent and accountable governance, consistent and effective management, principled advocacy and successful operations. 

Our solid foundation is based on dedicated and passionate staff and students.The Students’ Association seeks to understand and adapt to our members’ needs through engagement, outreach, communication, representation, advocacy, peer support, and service provision. We are an integral part of the student experience.The Students’ Association cultivates healthy, productive, and sustainable relationships internally and externally. We collaborate with campus and community groups to provide the best experiences and opportunities for our members. We are the vibrant hub of the campus community.

The Students’ Association pursues the best ways to meet the needs of our members through innovative practices, continual professional development, and systematic evaluation. We are always striving to be better.

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