Vision & Mission


The vision of the mining engineering department is  to produce mining engineers suitable to the mining industry, having capability to face day to day challenges along with safety in mines.: This will be achieved by strengthen in syllabus content, and student interaction with mining industry in both underground mining and opencast mining. Our course content helps the student to strengthen his knowledge in the subject but more than that it also helps to assimilate it to generate new knowledge at par with national standards. Course content is giving equal importance to skill development to meet the needs of mission of the state and the nation. Empowering the students to become technologically vibrant, innovative and emotionally matured. Students who are fully equipped with recent trends in the mining can implement the practice of sustainable development in the mines.


The mission of mining engineering department is to

  • Promote student’s self-motivation to excel and guides them towards professional careers and entrepreneurship in an environment of life-long learning.
  • Promote professional ethics, transparency and accountability.
  • Regular interaction among faculty and students for effectiveness in teaching and learning for skills development to satisfy industry and stakeholders.
  • Achieve academic excellence.
  • Ensure holistic development of personality.
  • Provide quality education by adding practical experience.
  • mold the students compatible with the changing scenario in the industry
  • Make the students punctual, disciplined and goal oriented to achieve success in their career.
  • Make the students understands about the conservation and sustainable development and to implement the same in their respective roles
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