• Geology Lab with all types of minerals & rocks that should know by a Mining Student
  • A well setup of Mine Environmental Engineering (Mine Ventilation) lab with major equipements like Gas Detectors, Anemometers, Latest model In-Built CAP LAMPs etc.- First Engineering college in AP having these many Ventilation lab equipments.
  • Two more labs ie. Mineral Processing lab and Rock Mechanics lab are already established with latest available instruments.
  • Surveying Lab having all the required instruments like Prismatic Compass, Dumpy Levels, Theodolites, Total Station etc.

Department has very well equipped laboratories such as Geology, Electrical & Electronics and Mechanical, under the supervision of respective Engineering Departments.

Major Equipments

Mining Environmental Engineering Lab

  1. Anemometer
  2. Whirling Hygrometer
  3. Kata Thermometer
  4. Pressure gauges 0- 60 Pa
  5. Pressure gauges 0- 250 Pa
  6. Pressure gauges 0-1500 Pa
  7. Multi gas detectors
  8. Methane gas detectors
  9. In-built LED cap lamps
  10. External battery cap lamps
  11. Cup type anemometers
  12. Flame safety lamps
  13. Auxiliary fan
  14. Centrifugal fan
  15. Ventilation system in Bord & Pillar mining method

Mineral Processing lab

  1. Jaw crusher
  2. Ball Mill
  3. Roll crusher
  4. Mineral Jig
  5. Wilfey Table
  6. Flotation cell
  7. Sieve shaker with sieves
  8. Riffle Sampler
  9. Magnetic Separator
  10. Weight Balance
  11. Strokes Apparatus

Rock Mechanics Lab

  1. Grindability index apparatus
  2. Protodyakonav apparatus for measuring rock properties
  3. Rock Anchorage testing machine
  4. Strokes apparatus
  5. Brazilian Testing apparatus
  6. Point Load index tester
  7. Slake Durability apparatus
  8. Concrete Schimidst hammer
  9. Triaxial system testing for Nx, Bx samples
  10. Strain guage
  11. Flatjack
  12. Different types of supports
  13. Laboratory oven

Mine Surveying Lab

  1. Chains 20m & 30m
  2. Prismatic compass
  3. Dumpy levels
  4. Auto level
  5. Plane Tables
  6. Theodolite
  7. Total station
  8. Tapes 20m & 30m
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