The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was established at J.B. Institute of Engineering & Technology Moinabad in 2011.   The Principal of JBIET Dr. V.V. Rao was the Chairperson of IQAC and Dr. V. Usha shree Senior Faculty from the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering was the Coordinator of the IQAC. At Present, Principal Dr. P. C. Krishnamachary is the Chairperson of IQAC and Dr. Sumagna Patnaik,  Professor in IT Department is the coordinator of IQAC. The IQAC Composition includes all stakeholders of the Institute, i.e. students, alumni and senior faculty, members of the Management and Administration, and members of local community and industry experts.



To initiate, sustain and enhance quality of holistic teaching, learning and administration at J.B. Institute of Engineering & Technology.



  • To create a culture of quality through dissemination of knowledge on innovative and best practices.

  • To conduct workshops, seminars & training courses for infusing quality in academics.

  •  To conduct periodic interactions among stakeholders and audits for enhancing the performance of the Institution


Quality initiatives:

  • Setting the Quality Benchmarks and Assessing them

  • Academic and Administrative Audit

  • Feedback on Facilities

  • Student Feedback collection and Analysis

  • Analysis of CO-PO Attainment

  • Recommendation for faculty Incentives

  • Faculty Self-Appraisal

  • Participation in Various Rankings

  • Submission of AQAR to NAAC

  • Institutionalization of Best practices

  • Organize Quality Related Events

  • Implementation of e-governance in various areas of Institution

  • Regular Energy, Environmental and Green Audit

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