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Infrastructure Details The department owns 250 latest computer systems with high configuration and upgraded software and maintains an exclusive lab with 1 to 1 ratio for each subject. Department has enough labs which are used for all the years on timetable basis to meet the curriculum requirements. We have six labs with 30 numbers of systems and each lab occupies an area of 83.5 sq.m. Desktop systems with required software and ups support are provided in each lab. All labs are equipped with sufficient hardware and licensed software to run program specific curriculum and off program curriculum. Each lab is equipped with white/black board, computer, internet, and other amenities. Each lab has high utilization rate and ventilization

CSE LAB 1 (M 104)

This lab is mainly used for Linux Programming, OOPS through Python, Data warehousing and Data Mining Lab.


CSE LAB 2( M 103)

This lab caters to the need for implementation of programs in Computer Networks and Database Management Systems Lab.


CSE LAB 3 ( M 113)

Programs in Internet Technologies and services and Data Structures and Algorithms Lab are done in this lab


CSE LAB 4 (M 114)

This lab is equipped with all the softwares required to do Operating Systems & Multi Core Programs.


CSE LAB 5 (M 118)

In this lab Compiler Design & Web Technologies Lab are conducted and helps the students to develop their own applications with the help of softwares installed in each system.


CSE LAB 6 (M 118)

Software Testing, OOPS through Java Case Tools & Software Testing Methodology and Data Structures through C language are implemented in this lab. This lab provides all the latest softwares for programming.


All these labs are equipped with the software like Turbo C, Cent OS, PuTTy, Java SE Development kit, Microsoft Visual Studio, My Eclipse, Net Beans IDE, Apache Tomcat, Microsoft Office Professional, Adobe Reader, My SQL, Joomla ,Word press, XAMPP, Argo UML and Selenium.

CSE LAB 7 & LAB 8 (P018 & P019)

These two systems are exclusively provided for the first year students to enhance their skills in computer programming using C.


The configuration of each system in the lab is as follows

• Acer Intel Core i3-6100 Processor

• H1 10 chip set

• 4GB Ram

• 500 GB Hard Disk

• 18.5” WTFT LED Display

• D-Link 24 port switches – 2

• Microsoft Campus Agreement Safety measures are also provided in each lab by properly insulating the plug points with network cables concealed. The labs have good ventilation facilities and have a clean and organized environment.

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