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Research and Development

In-house projects are being implemented by the professors of the department to keep in tune with the developments in the field of electronics and thereby presenting a role model for the young faculty members. Students and faculty members of the department have been actively participating in harnessing the developments in hardware and firmware technologies.

Research Papers Published :

  • “Dynamic Power Minimization In VLSI Circuits Using Genetic Algorithms” at International Conference C3IT 2009, Academy of Technology Hooghly, Calcutta, West Bengal, India.
  • “Reordering Of Test Vectors For Dynamic Power Reduction” in Engineering Today Journal of Technical World, Chennai.
  •  “Dynamic Power Optimization in Combinational Circuits by Genetic Algorithms” in International Journal of Technical & Vocational Education – Chennai (Ministry of Human Resource Development Govt. of India).
  •  “Smart Antenna for Mobile Communications” in the Engineering Today Journal of Technological World(International) Volume 5, Issue-5, Chennai.
  •  “Wide Band CDMA Architecture” in Golden Jubilee Symposium on Convergence of Technologies at IETE Hyderabad Center.
  •  “CDMA Based Mobile Communications” In International Journal of Technical & Vocational Education-Chennai(Ministry of Human Resource Development Govt.of India) Volume 20-No.2.
  •  “VLSI Optimization by Genetic Algorithms” in National Conference on Engineering trends Software Engineering & Information Technology, Rajeev Gandhi Memorial College Engineering Technology, Nandyal.
  •  “VLSI Test Generation by Genetic Algorithms for Mobile Communication” International Journal of Technical & Vocational Education Chennai(Ministry of Human Resource Development Govt.of India) Volume 21-No.1.
  •  Mr. Rajkumar D Bhure has presented a paper " A spectral subband decomposition based speech recognition using hmm with MFCC APPROACH" published in an international conference conducted at REC BHalki.on September 23-25, ISBN:978-81-921740-0-6
  •  Mr.Syed Mohd. Ali has presented a paper on " Intelligent Remote control for Multimedia using Symbian OS in the international journal of Emerging Technologies and Applications ISSN 0974-3588, April 2010.
  •  Mr.jalal Ahmed has attended the National conference on ADHOC NETWORK at ACET Dated Dec 2011.
  • Mr. M.Srinivasa Rao has Published IJCSIT journal on "The File Encryption Method in Cryptographic Key Management Wireless Adhoc Networks "

Research Grant:
Under MODROB Scheme of AICTE New Delhi,(Ministry of HRD, Govt.of India)ECE Department received rupees 10 Lakhs as a grant in aid towards Updation of VLSI Lab.

R&D Proposal:
Research project Titled “Dynamic power minimization in VLSI chips” proposed to be submitted to AICTE New Delhi.

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