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The Department of Science and Humanities at JBIET offers the bridge courses in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Managerial Economics & Financial Analysis and Environmental studies. They support the cause of Freshmen Engineering get attuned to the specialized engineering domains. In addition, the department coordinates a smoother transition of our novice engineering aspirants from the academic setting they experienced at 10 + 2 level to the study ambiance they will encounter in their undergraduate Engineering and Technology course. As an ancillary department that supports the conduct of specialized courses, offered in its domain, as a part of the curricula of other main branches of engineering the department acquires a multi-disciplinary nature and so the faculty belongs to different disciplines namely, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Management Studies, and Environmental Sciences. The Admissions and the Academic work of all the first years are taken care by the H&S department.

The department shares the responsibility of the consolidation of attendance and the sessional marks of first years and the maintenance of the Parent-Institution communications for the welfare of the students. The faculty regularly attend seminars and workshops and training programs on various engineering subjects. Most of them are associated with scientific bodies striving for the professional and intellectual development of their fellow faculty members. The faculty has addressed itself to the need to orient the students towards ultimate goal of relating their knowledge to real life learning.



Dr.B.V.Swarnalatha is an Associate Prof in Mathematics and Heads the Department of Science and Humanities. She has obtained M Sc , with the specialization in Mathematics in 2003 in First division with Distinction from Sri Krishna Devaraya University,Anantapur. She is awarded Ph.D. degree in the year 2007 from Sri Padmavathi Mahila University, Tirupati. She has presented papers  in International conferences held at Bangkok, Delhi and Malaysia.

Ph: -     E-mail:  hodsh@jbiet.edu.in


Dr. Nilamadhab Panda

Dean - Branding and International Relations





J.Venkat Reddy


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