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Computer Science & Engineering

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Established in the academic year 1998-99 with an intake of 60 for the Bachelor course in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) the department manifests its pace of progression in its present state with an increased intake of 120. In view of the accentuated interest towards CSE and its immensity of growth the Department of Computer Science and Engineering has developed nine well appointed laboratories where the main focus is on the development of logical reasoning that is stressed upon, in all practical applications. Studded by talented productive teaching professionals, the department boasts of promoting a unique mode of teaching-learning setting; one that makes an effective utilization of the advanced aids of teaching. The students of this department win the acclaim of the department for realizing the expectations of the institute by grabbing lucrative positions in some of the top notch software/hardware organizations in India like Satyam, Wipro, Infosys, Sierra Atlantic, MAQ Software, Cognizant and HCL. Many others of them obtain admissions in the reputed American/ UK/Australian Universities for Higher Courses in M.S. and Ph.D, with scholarships. The department is making its strides of progress with the zenith motto of preparing professionals of high competence needed for the industry. The department provides a high end computer system with facilities to work on various platforms under the tutelage of well trained faculty.


To nurture excellence in the field of Computer Science and Engineering by imparting timeless core values to the learners and to mold the Department of Computer Science and Engineering into a center of academic excellence and advanced research.


To impart high Quality Technical & Professional education in order to mold the learners into globally competitive professionals who are professionally deft, intellectually adept and socially responsible.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering strives to make the learners inculcate and imbibe pragmatic perception and pro-active nature, so as to enable them to acquire a vision for exploration and an insight for advanced inquire.

Short Term Goals
  • To conduct faculty development programmes regularly for skill upgradation
  • To modernize all the laboratories
  • To train and educate students as Global Citizens
  • To Place teaching / tutorial material of each subject on the internet to enable students to browse at their own place of learning.
  • To encourage the students to participate in community development programs.
  • To conduct summer and winder schools for faculty members and short-term course for technicians to widen their knowledge base and deepen their understanding of the latest trends and developments in field of Electrical Engineering
Long Term Goals
  • To be among top ten leading institutes in India and abroad and be recognized as the best department in terms of research and innovation.
  • To develop consultancy for various industries
  • To create better entrepreneurs in the IT Sector
  • To establish and strengthen Industry-Institute interaction and be industry solution providers.
  • To strive hard to meet the social, ecological and ethical needs of the region.
  • To establish State of the art research facilities in the department.
Name of the Faculty
1 G. Sreenivasulu B.Tech,M.Tech,(Ph.D) Assoc.Prof/HOD
2 Dr Niraj Upadhayaya   B.Tech,M.Tech,Ph.D Principal
3 Dr.P.Radha Krishna M.SC, PGDCA,M.Tech,Ph.D Professor 
4 Dr.P.S.Subramanyam B.Tech,M.Tech,Ph.D Prof  / Advisor
5 Dr.G.Appa Rao Naidu     B.Tech,M.Tech,Ph.D Professor
6 K.V.Ranga Rao B.Tech,M.Tech, MS,(Ph.D) Assoc.Prof.
7 Abhay Kumar    B.E,M.E ,(Ph.D) Assoc.Prof.
8 A.Ramesh Babu B.Tech,M.Tech,(Ph.D) Assoc.Prof.
9 B.Nageswara  Rao B.Tech,M.Tech,(Ph.D) Assoc.Prof.
10 M Rosanna B.Tech,M.Tech Assoc Prof
11 L Laksmi Kumari   B.Tech,M.Tech Assoc Prof
12 C.V.C Udaya Bhaskar  B.Tech,M.Tech Assoc Prof
13 Bijaya Kumar Biswal MCA,M.Tech Asst.Prof.
14 P.Uma Devi M.Tech Asst.Prof.
15 Syed Mohd Fazalul Haque B.Tech,M.Tech(Ph.D) Asst.Prof.
16 M.Naveen Babu B.E,M.Tech Asst.Prof.
17 Syed Saadh Mohiuddin B.Tech,M.Tech Asst.Prof.
18 D.Himagiri B.Tech,M.Tech Asst.Prof.
19 B.Ravindra Kumar B.Tech,M.Tech,(Ph.D) Asst.Prof.
20 M.Ravi    MCA,M.Tech Asst.Prof.
21 K.Swathi    B.Tech,M.Tech Asst.Prof.
22 V.Subhashihni      B.Tech,M.Tech Asst.Prof.
23 Arifa Tehseen Ara    B.Tech,M.Tech Asst.Prof.
24 V.Sudhakar   B.Tech,M.Tech Asst.Prof.
25 S.Rama Subba Reddy  B.Tech,M.Tech Asst.Prof.
26 P Srikanth   B.Tech,M.Tech  Asst Prof
27 A Lakshmi Deepak   B.Tech,M.Tech  Asst Prof
28 R Sri Ram Chandra    B.Tech,M.Tech Asst Prof
29 Y Manish kumar   B.Tech,M.Tech  Asst Prof

Academic Hand Book
    Academic Course files & Hand books of II,III, and IV B.Tech CSE Students
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For the Benefit the students ,We are proving course Material from Repudiated Institutes like.IIT etc. We have Digital library facility ,Which includes Video courses from Stanford university, MIT,UCBERKELY, University of South CAROLINA, YALE, IGNOU, Indiana University, University of California, Western Kentuky University ..etc.

Useful links :

Sl.No Course Subject Link
1. Computer Science All http://nptel.iitm.ac.in/courses.php?branch=Comp
2. Digital Library All
3. Inspiring Teachers All http://inspiring-teachers.com


I B.Tech
S.No Subject Code Name of the Subject Name of the faculty Course file Online Resources Hand Outs
1 6751006 Computer Programming & Data Structures V.SUBHASHINI Open    

II B.Tech I-Semester (Updated Soon)

S.No Subject Code Name of the Subject Name of the faculty Course file Online Resources Hand Outs

II B.Tech II-Semester (Updated Soon)

S.No Subject Code Name of the Subject Name of the faculty Course file Online Resources Hand Outs
1 54014 Object Oriented Programming K.Swathi Open    
2 6754012 Computer Organization Abhay Kumar Open    
3 54016 DAA M.Naveen Babu Open    
4   Formal Language and Automata Theory D.Himagiri Open    
5   Data Base Management Systems



III B.Tech I-Semester (Updated Soon)

S.No Subject Code Name of the Subject Name of the faculty Course file Online Resources Hand Outs
1 55015 Managerial  Economics And Financial Analysis K.Raghuram Reddy Open    
2 6753024 Digital Logic Design A.Ramesh Babu Open    

III B.Tech II-Semester (Updated Soon)

S.No Subject Code Name of the Subject Name of the faculty Course file Online Resources Hand Outs
1 6756031 Compiler Design Arifa Tehseen Ara Open    
2   Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science Arifa Tehseen Ara Open    
3   NS A.Ramesh Babu Open    
4   VLSI P Kranthi Kumar Open    
5 6756055 Data Mining & Data Warehousing

Syed Mohd Fazalul Haque

6 6756028 Object Oriented Analysis & Design Syed Mohd Fazalul Haque Open    
7 6756032 Web Technologies B.Ravindra kumar Open    

IV B.Tech I-Semester (Updated Soon)

S.No Subject Code Name of the Subject Name of the faculty Course file Online Resources Hand Outs
1   Software Engineering Bijaya Kumar Biswal Open    

IV B.Tech II-Semester (Updated Soon)

S.No Subject Code Name of the Subject Name of the faculty Course file Online Resources Hand Outs
1   Storage Area Networks Bijaya Kumar Biswal Open    
2 05352 Management Science S.Sobha Rani Open    
3 58037 SL V.Sudhakar Open    

Professional Bodies
  1. ACM Student Chapter
  2. CSI Student Chapter
  3. Technical Planet for IT Education(TechnoPIE)

ACM as a Global Organization

ACM is an educational and scientific society which works with the motto of “Advancing Computing as a Science and Profession”. The organization is the world’s largest society of information technology students and professionals. It was established for the purpose of uniting the World’s computing educators, researchers and professionals to share resources and to address the field’s challenges.

The ACM JBIET Student Chapter

The JBIET Hyderabad Student Chapter of the ACM was established in 2014 to address the needs of the JBIET Hyderabad computing community. Goal of the chapter is to create interest among the students for computer science apart from what they learn during the course work. The chapter organizes talks and workshops on different subjects by speakers who are well known in their area. These talks give students opportunities to learn about advanced research subjects. Apart from these, some non-technical activities are also organized.

ACM Professional Members for the Year 2014– 2015

Dr.Neeraj upadhayaya: Professional Member drnirajup@gmail.com
Sreenivasulu : faculty sponsor g.sreenivasulu2@gmail.com
Aman kanthed: chair amankanthed1994@gmail.com
sai teja.B: vice chair saitejab20@gmail.com
Abhishek kumar: secretary abhishek15794@gmail.com
Ashwin dugar: Treasurer ashwin137911@gmail.com
sayeed Ahameed: webmaster suraj.srujan@gmail.com
Vaishnavi rachuri : Membership chair vaishrachuri@gmail.com

List of Students Chapter of the ACM
























































The JBIET CSI Student Chapter was formed in 2010 in the spirit of providing students resources and contacts needed for the enhancement of their professional development. It provides friendly competitions, tours of cutting-edge facilities and a venue to meet and speak with some of the most important working professionals. It is intended to provide a platform for students to display as well as enhance their skills. CSI membership provides many programs and presents yet another chance for students to stay a step ahead on the path to their chosen fields.

Chapter hopes to create an environment where all students can learn to effectively develop and use technology both for improving their own career prospects and for the benefit of humanity.

It has been playing an effective role in shaping and developing responsible Engineers of tomorrow. It has been conducting regular training programs like group workshops, seminars, Contests, industrial visits and a lot more. This website contains a record of all the activities of the Student Chapter.

The Following is the list Elected as Office Bearers for the Year 2008 - 2009

Student Branch Counselor G.Sreenivasulu
Chairman Ms. Monalisa Pusti
Vice Chairman ANUP
Secretary Ms. B. Keerthi Reddy
Treasurer Dinesh Reddy
Executive Committee Members Priyamshu Lokesh Reddy
Web Master Balachander

  1. Technopie

Technopie is an association of the students of CSE, IT & MCA Departments of JBIET, with Dr.Niraj Upadhyaya, HOD, CSE, MCA & M.Tech. Departments of JBIET as Chief Advisor, Mr.Ch.Srinivasulu, Incharge Head, CSE Department as President,Mr.G.Sreenivasulu, HOD, IT Department as Technical Advisor, with other board members Mr.S.M.Aleem Basha, Mr.B.Ramesh, Ms.P. Sindhura,Mr. P. Subba Rao, Ms.Tulasi Kalyani and all the student members. We have formed this association with great encouragement from our mentors, Sri J.Bhaskar Rao, Chairman, JBES, Sri J.V.Krishna Rao, Secretary, JBES, Dr.V.V.Rao, Principal, JBIET. We always salute their encouragement and have deep regards in us for them. Our Board Members are:

1. Dr.Niraj Upadhyaya, Ph.D., M.S.
2. Mr.Chennupalli Srinivasulu, M.Tech
3. Mr.G.Sreenivasulu, M.Tech
4. Mr.S.M.Aleem Basha, B.Tech
5. Ms. P.Sindhura, B.Tech
6. Mr.Ramesh, B.Tech
7. Mr.P.Subbarao
8. Ms. P.Tulasi Kalyani
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The department owns 250 latest computer systems with high configuration and upgraded software and maintains an exclusive lab with 1 to 1 ratio for each subject.

1 CSE LAB 1 M-104 30 83.5
2 CSE LAB 2 M-103 30 83.5
3 CSE LAB 3 M-113 30 83.5
4 CSE LAB 4 M-114 30 83.5
5 CSE LAB 5 M-115 30 83.5
6 CSE LAB 6 M-118 30 83.5
7 CSE LAB 7 P-018 30 60.5
8 CSE LAB 8 P-019 30 60.5

The Department has excellent Departmental Library facility under Computer Science engineering.

Research and Development

Details of research works undertaken during the last three years, including the works completed during the current year. Seven faculty members are doing research work under the able guidance of Dr.Neeraj Upadhyaya.

Sr. No. Chief Co-ordinator Project Title Agency Amt. in Lakhs Status
1. Dr. Niraj Upadhayaya Design and Implementation of Cluster Computer
( Annexure -I)
OM HPC System 0.50 per month depending on consultations Ongoing since April 2007

Sr.No. Name of The Faculty Department Field Of The Research
1 Dr. Niraj Upadhayaya CSE Memory Management of parallel Cluster computers

Number of Research Projects sponsored by other agencies and Implemented by the Institute.

Sr. No. Name of The Faculty Project Title Sponsoring Agency Year / Duration Amt. In Lakh
1. Dr. Niraj Upadhayaya Research Promotion Scheme (RPS) Grant All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) 12/9/2011, 25 Lakhs
2. Dr. Niraj Upadhayaya Creation of Virtual Reality using Cluster Super Computers Doordarshan India 2008-2009 1.25
3. Dr. Niraj Upadhayaya Distributed processing using mobile computing agent United Kingdom Educational Grant for Research in India (UKEGRI) 2006-2008 6.00
4. Dr. Niraj Upadhayaya AICTE Sponsored Nationally Co-ordinated Project Chaitnya Bharthi Institute of Engineering & Technology
2006-2008 -


  • K. Abhilash R.No. 06671A0503 Secure 82.9%
  • N. Snigdha R.No 09671A0556 Secure 80.69%
  • G. Soujanya R.No. 08661A0594 Secure 84.93%
  • K. Surya Dhairya R.No. 06671A0528 Secure 81.87%
  • 25 students participated in Yappon conducted by Microsoft in 2013
  • Project titled “Highly confidential security systems”was selected FACE to FACE round on 20/08/2013 in IBM-TGMC project contest
  • 12 of CSE Students are selected in INFOSYS campus Drive in this Academic year
  • Ms.M.Sravanthi, IV Year CSE students is National Level throw ball player in the year 2012-2013
  • Mr.V.Karthik, IV Year CSE,Mr.Hemanth Reddy III CSE are team members of cricket team which won in inter college competitions in the year 2012-2013
  • OurAlumini Mr.Ravi kiran passed 2007 is a popular RJ/VJ in Big 92.7/MAA Music
  • Ms.B. Neelam won II prize in YAPPON competition for puzzling battle APP developd by her
  • Mr. Ashish venkat developed speedmaths app which is popular in APPSTORE
  • Mr. Vamsi Vikas of II CSE made a short film
  • Mr.B.Saiteja of II CSE Masterd 2 Devotional albums

Aachievments of CSE faculty.....View

Seminars/Workshops Organised
  • Workshop conducted on 13th and 14th March in jbiet by CSE and IT department under Hyderabad Entreprenuers Society and speakers are Vivek Anand , Harish Kotra and others
  • A One Day Workshop on “Information Security Awareness” was conducted JBIET CSI student chapter in association with CSI Hyderabad chapter, Mr. P.Ram Consultant Software Architect, M/s Logic Designers was delivered lecture on Information Security on 7th Mrach, 14
  • One Day Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on Project Management on 12-12-2013
  • A two day national programme “Effective Teaching Methodology” will be conducted on 19th Oct, 2012 organized by Department of IT & CSE
  • Guest lecture on “Embedded Systems” by Shri. Kanike Sreenivasulu Scientist, RCI, Hyd on 6th October, 2012 organized by Department of IT & CSE under Technopie
  • JBIET Conducted A distinguished lecture by Prof. P.G. Sastry as part of Faculty Development Programme on 3rd October, 2012 at MNR Auditorium. The Topic of the lecture was “Outcome based future technical education”
  • Two days Workshop on ANDROID Organized by CSE/IT Department on 26th & 27th March, 2012.
  • IBM - TGMC Workshop by CSE / IT Department at MNR Auditorium, JBIET on 4th Nov 2011
  • HACK – O –MANIA, A workshop on "Ethical Hacking" organized on 20th & 21st October 2011 by Dept of CSE/Dept of IT, Under TechnoPie
  • Guest Lecture on "Industry’s Expectations from Engineering Graduates" by Mr.Prem Apte , Head, MTP, Zensar Technologies Ltd., on  20th October 2011 Organized by Dept of CSE & IT under Technopie . 
  • Android workshop by Mr. NAVEEN organized by CSE and IT on 14.07.11
  • Mission 10X Teachers Training Programme in association with Wipro Foundation

    JBIET has organized a Five-day workshop on teaching learning pedagogy, in association with Mission 10X programme of Wipro Foundation from 6th June 2011 to 10th June 2011.. Total 30 participants attended this training programme. Apart from JBIET, participants from JBREC, BEC and JNRWEC also took part in this workshop. Valedictory session of this workshop was held on 10th June 2011. Dr. K. Lakshminarayana IAS, Technical Commissioner, Govt. of AP, was the Chief Guest and he called for participative democratic learning. Shri J.V. Krishnarao Secretary JB Educational Society and Dr. Niraj Upadhayaya also addressed the valedictory session.

    Dr Niraj Upadhayaya, HOD(CSE) was the Chief Coordinator for this programme. Shri G. Sreenivasulu Assoc Professor CSE and Shri K.V. Rangarao, Assoc Professor CSE were Co-Coordinators.

  • Guest Lecturer on "Cloud Computing" by Mr. IVN Surayanarayan CEO, ActiveNet Informatics on 21st Oct,2010
  • InfoQuest 2010 is 8th National Level Techno-Cultural Consortium being conducted on Oct 20th,21st and 22nd 2010
  • Guest Lecturer on "Cloud Computing" by Mr. A. Sreenivasa Rao, SAAP Consultant, YASH Technologies on 18th Sept, 2010
  • Guest Lecturer on "Emerging Trends" By Mr. Mohd Yousuf, Head Academics, IDEA Labs on 16th Sept, 2010

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